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No Halloween costumes for the boys, but they don’t need any. They can be anything …

Like a lion …



Or Phantom of the Opera

Or a hurricane


Hurricane Loki

Taste tester


Or the devil.

I've come to take your soul!

A Vampire

Or an 0tter

Whatever you dress up as, have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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Feline Friday 10/22

This week, I was off Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and got to spend some quality time with the boys.

Lovie & I read blogs.

where are the cat treat recipes?

And Loki helped me in the kitchen:

This celery doesn't look so fresh to me mom. I should probably just eat it for you.

But mostly, we did this:

Yeah, we like to nap. In fact, Wednesday was all about the napping. I wasn’t feeling too well and the boys were all for just laying around with mom. Lovie even held my hand for a while ..


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While cleaning out a closet I came across a hatbox I use to store some of the excess kitty toys. Loki perked right up – I’m sure he could smell the catnip – and set out to find a way into the box.

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Feline Friday

I got home from NYC to two little bugs who wouldn’t let me out of their sight. As soon as I sat down, Lovie was in my lap.

Don't ever leave again, OK mom?

Loki pretended he didn’t care – but deep down, I know he missed me.

What? You were gone?

I missed them terribly. But, I made a few friends while I was in NYC.

You have permission to pet me.

I'm not fat - just big boned. *rawr*

Why aren't you petting me?

And THIS handsome boy was quite the snuggler last Friday night when the boys were out of town.

Yeah, I know I'm adorable.

Ooh. Shiny things.

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While I’m wandering the streets of NYC, the boys are back home … probably doing something like this:

"do you see her yet?" "nope, you?"

And, maybe, if it gets cold enough, a little of this:

"I miss mom" "yeah, me too - damn it's cold"

Don’t worry boys! Mom will be home soon, I promise!

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Feline Friday – playtime!

Gosh, is it Friday again already? Sweet!

The boys are all about playtime this week.

Just where do you think you're trying to go?

nom. nom. nom.

This is Loki on catnip.


Do not even THINK about taking this away. I will keep you up all night if you do.

What do you think he’d do if I whipped up a cup of this catnip tea I saw at the store? (And who actually buys catnip tea?)

Catnip tea? for real?

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A late Feline Friday

I woke up this morning and realized I forgot it was Friday yesterday! oops! This is what happens when you don’t work the same days every week.

We had a thunderstorm this week and Lovie HATES thunderstorms. Usually he hides under the bed – in the middle of the bed – but this time, he crawled under the corner and kept his head sticking out, looking at me like I could make it stop. It was adorable!

make the rain and thunder stop, mom!

make the rain and thunder stop, mom!

Loki kept his eye on me in the kitchen this week – he climbs up on top of the cabinets.

Look how cute I am.

I'm just resting my eyes.

And then he got hungry.

mmmm.... chips. Where's the salsa?

He’s a carboholic, just like his mom.

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